Why AvailVA

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Virtual Assistants and Quality Services

2 Things We’re Really, Really Good at:

Handling daily tasks for local service businesses + Identifying ways to help your business run smoother

Our founder; Christina Tegbe has started multiple businesses and found herself overwhelmed, and overworked. She created AvailVA in 2018 to help others business owners grow their business and still have time to do the things they love.

Why Choose AvailVA
  • We have clients who now have time to travel the world, and run their business remotely.
  • With your VA handling all daily operations, you can focus on expansion, growth and business development.
  • Finally, take a vacation and not have to worry about missing calls or returning home to unhappy customers.
Trained Specifically for the Cleaning Business

Unlike other VA agencies, our VAs are all trained on how to assist and manage tasks specific to local cleaning companies. AvailVAs come already familiar with cleaning industry common practices, guidelines, terminology and even tips and tricks to help your cleaning business run smoother.

Each AvailVA is trained and tested on cleaning business fundamentals and they each must pass a comprehensive test before they can begin assisting you. Our VAs are prepared and ready to help your cleaning business thrive.