Will my VA come already trained?

Absolutely! Our VA’s already have local service business knowledge and training and they are adept at many of the tools you might use to run your business already like; Launch27, Zoho, Slack, Asana, Trello, Zapier, Google Drive, Mailchimp, and a host of others. You still will need to take some time to train them on your specific business processes and procedures and after that they will be ready to jump in and get started.

Is there anything a VA can not help with?

Our VAs are trained in an array of different areas and tasks, there are so many things they can assist with. Some things we don’t assist with are Accounting, Bookkeeping, SEO, PPC, Facebook Advertising.

Will my unused hours roll-over?

Great question. All package hours are good for 30 days from date of purchase.

How soon can my VA begin working?

After you’ve selected your VA, we typically can have you up and running with your new VA in 3-5 days.. But if you need your VA to start sooner, contact us and we can try to accommodate this.

How will I be billed?

Once you decide on your package, you will be billed the amount for the package you’ve chosen. Once you use all of your allocated hours or are close to reaching your limit, you will receive an invoice via email and we then auto-charge the card on file. You will also receive a detailed invoice of minutes used every Friday.

Why not just hire an actual office manager?

Well first as a business owner I’m sure you’re familiar with all the expenses that come along with hiring employees; taxes, benefits, rent, computer, office supplies, internet, etc. While your AvailVa comes pretrained, you don’t have to worry about salary or wages because you only pay for the hours used. You’ll be skipping the headache, time and energy it takes to hire, train and monitor an in-house employee by choosing AvaiolVA.

Are there contracts?

No. No contracts – ever! We want you to be happy with our services and we want you to want to be here, because we are saving you time and helping your business thrive, not because you’re married to a long term contract. If you ever are unsatisfied and want to cancel, just contact us and we can help you.

Can my VA use my phone number?

Yes, we can help you forward your calls to your VAs phone, so that outgoing and incoming calls will always show your business number.

Can my VA work weekends?

Yes, just let us know the days and times you’d like us to work and we’re happy to try to accommodate your schedule.

What if I go over my hours?

No need to worry about this. We don’t have overages charges, once you are close to approaching your limit, we email you to see if you’d like to cancel or change anything and then we auto-renew your package. This way you will never be charged hefty overage charges.